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Welcome to the Serna Family Web Page

 As the years float by we learn more and more about our family and we are finding more relatives then we thought existed.  our family tree can be found on www.ancestry.com 

I have been working on the family tree on the site www.ancestry.com
please email me if you would like access and or if you have information on the serna family or if you would like information on the serna family.

It is with great sadness that i announce the passing of my grandfather Donasiano Serna Sr.  He would have been 99 years old this coming September 7th.  He will be missed.


My grandfather was born in 1909 at Carlsbad New Mexico.  His father was Eugenio Serna born at Fort Smith Texas and his mother Amelia Quinones Serna who was born at Blanco Texas.  They moved to California in the mid thirties as there was no way to make a living in south New Mexico during the depression.


In 1935 Angulus Truck and Trailer business was born. 


In the future i hope to add a section about all our family members.  and I am always looking for old family stories to post so that our offspring can know what it was like to grow up in the old days.

 Cousin Mike Serna From Tenessee
was nominated for a NAMY award this year.
Check him out on the web he is a great Native Flute player.

For any of you Serna's that have found this site by accident and we haven't talked to you in a few years or you think you may be related but are not sure feel free to email me at Jack@jackserna.com


It has been a long time since i updated this site.  Im hoping that the lost family members will see this and send me an email

looking for

Cindy and Gina Serna  (dad John Serna)

and any others we havent seen for ages.
Please check us out at

www.facebook.com   look for jack serna from salem oregon. 



Please feel free to look around and then send me your thougts and ideas.


Thank you



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